Mentor Consultants, Inc. has deveolped one of the most cost-effective and effecient eletronic mail products on the market today. Any employee at your company who has access to a computer terminal connected to phone lines who needs 24-hour access to company information will benefit from MentorMail.


MentorMail is the only software system available for turning a UNISYS A-Series network into a full-range communications system for both data-processing and non-data processing users. MentorMail was developed by Mentor Consultants, Inc., former UNISYS employees, known to UNISYS users for their extensive knowledge in management information systems including application design, database design and the effective use of system and personnel resources in today's on-line environment. MentorMail can be installed quickly and easily on your
UNISYS A-Series network and works on your existing terminals.

The cost for MentorMail is suprisingly low...starting with the basic module which includes the system interface and the database. Maintenance is available at a modest fee.

Contact us for a free, hands-on demonstration.

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